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Big Idea Talks: Retirement 101: Know Your Numbers, Know Yourself, Develop a Plan

This Big Idea Talks program is sponsored by the AAUW.  You are welcome to bring adults guests.  Presenters are Hollina Wadsworth, CFP at Baker Boyer Bank and Cathy Schaeffer, Family Advisor at Baker Boyer Bank. Their presentation will focus on the importance of looking at your entire financial picture and really prioritizing what is important to you in retirement.  Since there is no "one size fits all," the program will focus on how you can develop your holistic financial plan based on you and your unique situation.  The program will cover:

  • Know Your Numbers
    • Income in retirement
    • Retirement accounts & asset allocation
    • Budget
    • Debt
  • Know Yourself
    • Values & goals
    • Life's transitions
  • Develop a Plan
    • When is the right time to retire?
    • Holistic financial planning
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