⚠️ The Library is closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak. If you don't have a current account, click Your Account below to self-register for access to online resources. Request Curbside Pickup and learn about returning items. Any fines from the closure will be waived.

Digital access only cards

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Access online resources, eBooks, & e-Audiobooks

While the library remains closed to the public, anyone without a library card can sign up for a digital access library card. This card allows patrons to access all of our online digital resources, including eBooks and e-Audiobooks.

Patrons already holding a regular library card can access all of our online digital resources using their current card.

Once the library re-opens to the public, patrons holding digital access cards are encouraged to convert their card to a regular account by bringing proof of address to the library during regular business hours. County residents can convert a digital access card by paying the non-resident fee of $68 for a year, or $34 for six months.

What resources can I access with a digital access library card?

Our online digital resources include a variety of databases, as well as eBooks & e-Audiobooks for children and adults.

Can I use this card for curbside pickup?

Digital access library cards are for access to our online digital resources only. We cannot fulfill curbside pickup requests placed with digital access cards, as physical resources like books and DVDs are not online resources.